Weldon Wade is a diver, educator and advocate for ocean sustainability. He can be seen leading dives, giving talks about ocean conservation and travelling throughout to Carribean to share his knowledge. It’s a job that sees him in fancy wetsuits and he’s often featured in tourism publications about Bermuda.


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Weldon has been active in the Bermuda diving community for over ten years and described himself as “unapologetically dedicated to its growth”. He is the first and only Bermudian certified freediver, SCUBA diver and closed-circuit rebreather diver and the founder of an ocean conservation organization called Guardians of the Reef.

Weldon is also the leader of a few ocean focused projects, serves on boards and committees and is the Presently,
Communications Coordinator for the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme, a Government lead initiative to protect 20% of Bermuda’s EEZ.

His mission?! To do his part to ensure there is a healthy ocean and fish in the sea for his children to enjoy like he does.


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Weldon understands that in order to spread his message of ocean conservancy to the world he needs the best internet connection available.