Korie Minors is a creative entrepreneur – a designer, DJ, producer, visual artist and curator. While he considers himself a creative, he doesn’t want to be boxed in one area of life. The multi-passionate entrepreneur values integrity, protecting the environment and altruism.


This is Just The Beginning

The Story Has Not Finished.. Keep Scrolling Down

Korie grew up in an artistic family where he learned all about music and art. His great-grandmother played the piano and all of his siblings were artistic, played instruments and partook in Gombey dancing. While he has a degree in Architecture and Planning, he changed his focus to the creative space and is enjoying the rewards of taking the risk.

Asked about the best thing about Bermuda, Korie says he’s had to answer this question many times throughout his travels. His answer?! The people who are vibrant, eclectic, giving, intelligent, hilarious and beautiful.