Mikaela Ian is a media personality, video pro and marketing expert. She can be seen on The Daily Hour Monday through Friday and on social media teaching her followers from all around the world how to be great on camera with simple video strategies.


This is Just The Beginning

The Story Has Not Finished.. Keep Scrolling Down

Mikaela started her career as a reporter at The Royal Gazette and evolved over the years into the video space as on-camera talent, a public relations consultant, the Bermuda face of the 35th America’s Cup and the spokesperson and face of the LF Wade International Airport.

Her speciality is teaching leaders how to improve their on camera presence whether
it’s for a Zoom meeting, promo videos or everyday social media presence to grow their brand. Mikaela remembers exactly how it feels to be awful on camera and is on a mission to help leaders be great on video.

Mikaela is a proud Bermudian and fuses her love of her culture into everything she does, both on and off line.